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The C&J Standard

Hongin’ It – Kongin’ It!!! The Iron Fairies own Resident DJ

AARON JAMES – The Champ returns to C&J’s Standard of Sound…

One of New York City’s most celebrated exports, DJ Aaron James has spent the last couple decades rocking parties across the globe. With skills forged in NYC’s vibrant club scene, Aaron is versatile with a capital V, while still dropping his signature style with every set..

Relevant Couture for Confident People.

Crown & Jewel prides itself on designing and choosing a very limited line of clothing, boutique style. We do not mass produce our items nor do we sell out our integrity for money & fame. C&J is not just clothing, apparel & accessories; we’re much more than that. Crown and Jewel is a lifestyle. We’re here to take care of you… You come to us for the experience.


Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to create trendy relevant designs and products.

C&J has collaborators across Europe and Asia working together to bring out the best. C&J is strictly online for now, but we are looking toward a future with boots on the ground and a physical shop. Where will this mystery store be you ask? Well, for now C&J is keeping that hand close to their chest, however, be prepared for some major surprises ahead in 2019.

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